AirWatch Connect 2013 began in Atlanta, Ga. this morning with more than 1,100 attendees waiting to hear more about AirWatch's plan for bring your own device (BYOD), mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobility. For instance, read on to find out more about the AirWatch Container for iOS and Android, plans for big data and the company's new telecom expense management feature. And what about the channel? Did AirWatch define its vision for partners?

Take a look at a few of AirWatch's main keynotes from this morning's session and decide for yourself:

AirWatch Chairman Alan Dabbiere

  • Mobile is moving so quickly that it’s changing the way people are doing things. Enterprises have realized that they need a mobile strategy. Our world is mobile. "My wife will attest to the fact that I spend more time with my phone than her."
  • Over the last year, so many things have happened with AirWatch. We have increased our employee count three fold; increased our customer base by fivefold; and increased our revenue four fold.
  • Don't get me wrong, we were pleased to receive $200 million in funding, which happened a few months ago, but we don't need it. It's good, however, to have the money in the bank for further development. We only had to give up 15 percent of our equity for that deal, so we still run the company.
  • We want devices to work, while keeping them simple and secure.

AirWatch CEO John Marshall

  • We have more than 8,000 customers, 250 partners globally, serving more than 150 countries.
  • AirWatch has moved into vertical markets, including retail, healthcare, aviation, finance and education. Each industry has its own unique traits.
  • We have reached more than 1,500 employees in 9 global offices. Our platform is supported in 16 different languages.
  • "This space is moving too quickly to not be mobile."
  • We have more than 50 translators in North America, working hard every day to ensure that when a release comes out, it comes out in 16 different languages.
  • Our teams all over the world collaborate on our solutions; they don't work on different projects. When we go to sleep in Georgia, another team picks up across the globe.
  • We knew from day one that MDM was going to to explode. We want to simplify enterprise mobility, but to build that simplicity, you have to build an integrated platform.
  • We build apps on reputation scanning, development workflow, SDK/app wrapping, single sign-on (SSO), APIs and social.
  • The challenge most people have with content is that traditional companies want them to move your information to the company’s cloud. That doesn’t make sense to me.
  • We don’t care where enterprise content comes from. It’s your content, not ours.
  • Browsing should include cross-platform, app tunneling, kiosk/restricted mode, BYOD and data loss prevention (DLP).
  • We are proud to announce AirWatch Container for both iOS and Android operating systems, available in late October 2013. 
  • We’ve added the concept of multi-user. Take a device, check it out to an individual, and it they will receive all the contacts, emails, etc. We’ve provided a platform with choice.
  • Our customers want one platform to manage all of these devices on. We believe laptops must be be managed in this new scenario -- and in the years to come. It will start, and it’s already starting today.
  • We built a telecom app that can track and monitor data usage on devices, which will evolve over the next six months.
  • BYOD needs device choice, enrollment flexibility, governance, compliance, terms of use, self-service, prvacy policies, enterprise enablement, particurlarly enablement. Security is a critical piece, but it is about enablement.
  • We’ve taken all these components of our solutions and tied them together into one workspace, AirWatch Workspace, and it’s the only solution in the world to built from the ground up. Within your organization you have choice with how you manage your business.
  • We’re building an ecosystem with same day same support. We’re there across platforms. We don’t need a press release announcing that we’re there because we’re already there when an update comes out.
  • We’re launching today the AirWatch Marketplace. You can look at new partners, updated APIs. You can go through enterprise apps, network information. You can actually go down to details to find out what we’re doing with our partners, AirWatch Marketplace is not just a list of logos. As our marketplace grows, we will put up real integration to help you integration.
  • Today we’re announcing AirWatch 7, simplifying navigation, controls, dashboard, views, and actions. It will be coming out later in October. We want feedback and want to know what makes the product work or not work with you. The challenge is that we have to work with customers with more than hundreds of thousands devices.
  • We're also announcing AirWatch BIGdata, providing information at the company level about your devices, allowing you to know what’s going on, specifically. You can cut and slice the data in various ways. You can look at the information from an adoption of levels. All your data is secured, but we’re going to show how other companies in other industries are doing.
  • AirWatch will continue to invest in toward R&D, intellectual property, professional services, cloud, sales and marketing.
  • We visited over 100 cities in the world to bring AirWatch to customers. We will probably double or triple this about for next year.

AirWatch Sales Engineering Manager Blake Brannon

  • AirWatch Security features are brought over to the AirWatch Workspace including, branding, authentication, DLP protection, analytics and more. We built a single sign-on authentication that works across applications. The user experience on the device is seamless. You log into an app and you’re in, but we didn’t stop there.
  • We built a single sign-on authentication that works across applications. The user experience on the device is seamless. You log into an app and you’re in, but we didn’t stop there.
  • We took the single sign-on and pushed it back to the end of the enterprise through SSO Integrated Authentication. When a user enrolls the device, we store it inside the Workspace.
  • AirWatch Container Solutions have been enhanced. Secure Content Locker supports content editing, SharePoint, External Collaboration, capture videos and photos. AirWatch Browser now includes browsing, SSO authentication, UI update, restricted mode. We’ve updated AirWatch Email Container, too.
  • Mobile apps are a core part of how people are using these applications. More than 80 percent of BYOD apps have access to corporate data.
  • AirWatch App Reputation enables you to analyze inside your applications, determine trust level of an app, detect open source libraries and unsecure code, automate the app review and approval process, build policies around behaviors, not blacklists.
  • AirWatch differs from the industry on multiple deployments on one platform; MDM and containerization together; centralized policy management across MDM and Workspace; dynamic policies and automated compliance; enterprise integration; flexible privacy policies and terms of use; branding and multilingual.

What else will come out of AirWatch Connect 2013 in Atlanta? We'll keep you in the loop.


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