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It’s an established fact that the threat of Ransomware is a real and growing problem for businesses. The FBI estimates it’s on pace to be a $1-billion-a-year crime in 2016. And that’s not counting the costs of downtime. Lost productivity and business opportunity could – and will – inflate the damage exponentially.

Protecting businesses from the significant impact of ransomware is a growing responsibility, if not an emerging opportunity, for savvy MSPs. Antivirus and backups are commonly deployed defenses against the threat of ransomware, but sadly they are all-to-often not enough.

Join this webchat with MSP Mentor’s contributing editor Khali Henderson and the Solutions Engineer and Technology Evangelist of Panda Security, James Manning, to learn about a better approach – the Adaptive Defense model – that can stop ransomware dead in its tracks.

This session covers:

  • The real threat and cost of ransomware to your clients
  • How traditional antivirus and backup fall short in preventing ransomware
  • How an Adaptive Defense model is a more complete answer to the growing threat of ransomware

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James Manning is a PreSales Engineer for Panda Security USA.  He spreads awareness about current threats and the Panda technologies used to combat them.  He has been in the antimalware industry since 2003.  James created the initial detection criteria for Aluria Software and built their first in-house research team.  He has also assisted with early legislation designed to combat spyware and adware, and was a representative for a founding member of the Consortium of Antispyware Technologies.  James has also served as Security Editor for the Internet Service Provider EarthLink, aggregating and disseminating security news to its many subscribers.