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While the number of malware executable files and potentially unwanted applications has dropped, plenty of other threats continue to multiply. Report after report warns businesses, government and consumers of increasingly sophisticated attacks. We’ve seen zero-day phishing URLs grow steadily through 2016, with almost twice as many detected in the fourth quarter as in the first quarter.

The Webroot® 2017 Annual Threat Report Other found that rising threats today include ransomware, exploit kits with ransomware, malicious Android apps and high-risk URLs, among others. Join MSP Mentor  contributor Pedro Pereira and Senior Threat Research Analyst from Webroot, Tyler Moffitt for a discussion on the evolving cyber threat landscape. In this webinar, we will cover:

  • The collection of threat intelligence and its importance in combating cyber threats
  • Which threats are likely to be seriously problematic - and dangerous for MSPs - through 2017
  • What businesses need to know about the threat landscape
  • The resources and tools that MSPs can turn to in order to protect themselves and their clients

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Tyler Moffitt, is a Senior Threat Research Analyst with Webroot, Inc. He has been with Webroot since 2010 working as a key member of the Threat Research team, immersed deep within the world of malware. Tyler is focused on improving the customer experience through his work directly with malware samples, creating antimalware intelligence, writing blogs and testing in-house tools. Tyler has a passion for hands on learning as he spends his time gathering samples from the wild to test and improve Webroot capabilities to handle the latest malware threats.