Moving to the cloud may seem simple on the front end, but it's a lot more complicated if you are re-architecting your software to become an as-a-service offering.  Corent Technology has announced a software platform to assist with transforming software applications to software as a service (SaaS). What does this platform offer? We'll reveal the details.

SurPaaS transforms applications to SaaS and can be deployed on any data center or cloud platform, the company said in its announcement. The solution's capabilities include: self-service on-boarding capabilities and management of tenants, subscription management, SaaS lifecycle management, monitoring, metering, billing integration, business reporting, key performance metrics and dashboards.

"Transforming software applications into SaaS rapidly, efficiently, and cost effectively, SurPaaS saves software vendors years of development time and millions of dollars in R&D costs it takes to achieve scalable, cloud-ready and sustainable SaaS," said Corent's CEO Feyzi Fatehi in a statement.

The solution can transform applications into SaaS solutions in single or multi-tenancy models, and can support multiple tenancy models, providing a range of subscription offerings. It also enables Internet service providers (ISVs) to choose application development platform, application technology stack, and the cloud of their choice.

Expect to hear more news soon about the company's new partners, including an MSP and a CRM vendor.

To learn more about the company's partner program, visit the Corent Technology website.