What could revamped development and operations (DevOps) mean for independent software vendors (ISVs)?

MSPmentor 501 honoree Logicalis has identified several ways the cloud can enhance the development process for ISVs. The New York-based managed service provider (MSP) noted the cloud "can facilitate DevOps changes and accelerate innovation within the software developer’s organization."

"Developers and their IT counterparts are polar opposites in their business lives," said Brian Day, senior director of cloud services at Logicalis US, in a prepared statement. "But with the help of a savvy cloud or SaaS partner, software providers are realizing significant productivity gains in the people, tools and overall culture of their organizations -- changes that give them a competitive edge in today's fast-paced software development world."

Logicalis identified eight ways DevOps accelerates innovation:

  1. Faster releases -- A collaborative DevOps environment can make it easier for ISVs to release smaller updates more frequently.
  2. Automation capabilities -- DevOps can help an ISV automate myriad cloud tasks.
  3. Minimizes IT barriers -- With cloud-based solutions, ISVs can provision their environments using templates.
  4. Improved testing -- DevOps empowers ISVs to design, build and test smaller pieces of functionality faster than ever before.
  5. Automated test case capabilities -- ISVs can write automated test cases before they build code.
  6. Advanced planning -- Code can be built much earlier in the development process.
  7. Infrastructure management support -- Infrastructure can now be managed as a whole via software tools. 
  8. Promotes collaboration -- Development and operations teams can leverage many tools to work together and deliver consistent results.

So how can ISVs make the most of their DevOps?

Day recommended adopting a mindset of "improving processes by working together." And by doing so, Day said ISVs can start small and cycle quickly.

"The cloud provides elastic resources that are available via an API. This removes operation from purchasing, shipping and receiving and allows them to focus on managing a catalog of optimized infrastructure templates that are tested, reliable and available in the catalog," he told MSPmentor. "Developers can spend less time deciding on scalability and reliability ... and can work on more functionality."

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