Managed services provider (MSP) Datatility has partnered with data storage solutions provider Cleversafe, Inc. to create a multi-functional cloud storage platform for customers with storage challenges.

Datatility's Hydra Cloud, based on Cleversafe’s patented Dispersed Storage Network (dsNet) technology, aims to provide customers with a tiered public cloud storage solution that aligns storage needs with operating costs.

Cleversafe Product Strategy Senior Vice President Russ Kennedy said in an interview that Cleversafe's solution does not use replication, unlike other open-source cloud storage solutions. This approach allows MSPs to lower costs, while increasing margins, he said.

"Datatility chose Cleversafe because we were the only provider able to deliver the storage cost savings that are central to Hydra Cloud while also maintaining an extremely high level of reliability and 'virtually unhackable' security -- both important to Datatility’s large enterprise customers," he said.

"Within the data center environment the storage of older data is a huge issue," said Jan Rosenberg, CEO of Datatility, in a prepard statement. "With data growth expanding 10x every five years, traditional storage architectures are just not a viable option any longer. They can’t scale and they’re too expensive."

Kennedy said in an interview that MSPs are one of the company's target markets.

"In order to make their business models work, MSPs need storage with a low TCO without having to sacrifice the reliability and security that their customers demand," he said. "Cleversafe is able to meet that need because we combine object storage with our patented information dispersal technology, which eliminates the need for replication."

Kennedy noted that Datatility is not Cleversafe's first MSP customer, however, he did not have permission to publicly speak on other MSP customers.

Hydra Cloud was launched in September 2013, but was recently formally announced by Datatility.