rsz_axcientCloud solutions provider Axcient has redesigned its data protection portal, a way to manage customer devices under one umbrella. The idea behind the redesign? A simplified experience that has the potential to to save time for IT administrators and managed service providers (MSPs). Here are the details.

Axcient said the new interface simplifies the process of managing data protection issues through the following new features:
  • a new health status system -- This lets MSPs evaluate the overall health of a customer;
  • customizable time-based alerting thresholds -- This enables MSPs to define how long is too long without protection;
  • and exception-based notifications -- This lets MSPs receive alerts when something goes wrong.
"Axcient’s majorly simplified user experience will dramatically reduce the time it takes for MSPs to verify that all their data, applications and systems are protected,"  Axcient Product Manager Charlie Tibshirani told MSPmentor via email.

Tibshirani said IT professionals spend about 10 minutes with each appliance to determine its status. The new portal allows professionals to view customer devices within 5 minutes, cutting the amount of time spent verifying protection and tracking down issues.

"IT professionals are increasingly becoming generalists, each managing multiple tools and systems simultaneously," said Axcient CEO Justin Moore in a prepared statement. "Legacy enterprise software solutions not only fail to protect businesses from costly application downtime, but also take far too much time to deploy and manage for today’s overburdened IT professional."

Axcient completed integration with the Level Platforms Managed Workplace RMM platform in the middle of March.

The company is working with around 1,000 partners, half of whom are MSPs, Tibshirani said. To learn more about the company's partner programs, visit the Axcient website.