Virtuozzo helps companies adopt next generation hyperconverged infrastructure platforms that enable the most flexible, scalable, and efficient ways to deliver IT and applications as a service. Virtuozzo is a hyperconverged infrastructure software provider that provides integrated compute, storage, orchestration and networking solutions as a single software-defined platform for provisioning, orchestration & management of next generation cloud infrastructure and virtual data centers. Virtuozzo was the first company to monetize container workloads and today has 5 million virtual environments in production. Virtuozzo is also an active contributor to many influential open source projects, including Linux kernel, OpenVZ, CRIU™, KVM, Docker, OpenStack, CNCF and OCI.

Solutions for Service Provides enabled by the Virtuozzo platform include virtual data centers, next generation virtual private servers, storage as a service, infrastructure optimization, cloud migration, and application container storage for Docker and Kubernetes. To learn more, visit


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