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MSPs: 5 Simple Steps to Automate Your Business for Profitability

Automation isn’t simple, and it isn’t for every business, but realizing immediate cost savings is easier than you think.

Delivering superior services is key to ensuring customer satisfaction and the consequent long-term relationships that enable MSPs to lock in predictable, recurring revenue. What's the best way to deliver superior service? One word: automation. But, how and where should an MSP get started? Automation isn’t simple, and it isn’t for every business, but realizing immediate cost savings is easier than you think.

As a first step, MSPs should conduct an audit of their business, identifying low-hanging fruit.

Obvious candidates for automation include internal processes that are ongoing and repetitive by nature. Software updates and patches, regular disk cleanup, and frequent backups are examples of routine maintenance tasks that readily lend themselves to automated control.

In addition, customer-facing functions such as reporting and ticketing can also be easily handled through automated services. Tickets can be rapidly routed to the appropriate technician, ensuring faster resolution of clients’ technical issues, boosting customer satisfaction and retention.

These reports to customers are particularly useful to remind them of specific services the MSP has provided (along with compelling statistics such as the total system uptime the client received), reinforcing the value of those services and helping to keep the benefits of partnering with the MSP top of mind for clients.

As the MSP marketplace becomes more competitive and margins tighten, MSPs must find a way to reduce costs without diminishing service quality for their clients. The solution comes in the form of automation, which enables technicians to actually improve service quality for customers while significantly reducing their time spent supporting them.

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