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How MSPs Can Master Email Marketing


To help you along the way, we interviewed successful Datto partners for their best email marketing tips and tricks.

Email marketing presents a valuable and feasible opportunity for MSPs to scale their business by engaging with prospects and upselling clients. However, it may be difficult to begin an email campaign from scratch if you don’t have the proper experience. To help you along the way, we interviewed successful Datto partners for their best email marketing tips and tricks.

Back to Basics

Before you start to compose an email, ask yourself: what is the purpose of this email? If you can’t answer that question yourself, the recipient won’t be able to either. Pick a clear goal that will be used to define its success. Some goals may include open rate, click-through rate, or replies.

As any carpenter would tell you, measure twice, cut once. It’s a terrible feeling to send out an email only to realize you have made a mistake. Make sure you read the email to yourself--aloud, if it helps--and turn to a second set of eyes to ensure you didn’t forget anything.

Don’t Overlook the Subject Line

Much like the title of a book or the headline of an article, this is your first chance to make an impression and get the reader’s attention in a sea of inbox clutter. According to Convince & Convert, 33% of recipients decide whether to open an email based on the subject line. Spend time thinking about the subject. If it doesn’t engage the reader, the quality of the content will not matter, because they won’t even bother opening it in the first place.

Segmentation Is Better for Everyone

Email marketing can serve a variety of functions, so it’s important that you handle each email campaign you do differently. Avoid relying on a single approach for all.

For Shandi Hogg, Director of Marketing at Ancero, the method varies from campaign to campaign. Ancero is an MSP operating out of New Jersey. In addition to managed IT services, Ancero also provides clients with cloud-based communication solutions, private cloud storage and various other services. Hogg splits clients into different email campaigns, depending on which services they receive from Ancero. This method ensures that the content is always relevant to the recipient.

Different Emails Achieve Different Goals

Aside from segmented lists, Ancero also uses email communications from time to time for announcements such as press releases or to promote special events, like Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October. She treats these as informative pieces of content, rather than sales opportunities.

Personalization Is Key

The average employee receives about 120 emails per day. In a sea of emails, how can you make yours stand out and guarantee its success? To achieve the best results, you have to make your emails feel as though they have been written to (and from) an individual.

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Chris Rudnick is Director of Demand Generation, Datto.

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