Gina Murphy

Executive Vice President,
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Gina Murphy is Executive Vice President at TriCore, responsible for all of the company’s Solutions, Service Strategy and Sales Enablement. This includes Product Management, Account Management and supporting Sales and Operations with strategic guidance from the customer’s perspective to take TriCore’s products and services to the next level. Sitting between the technical resources and the sales team, Gina’s goal is to empower these teams to demonstrate TriCore’s value proposition to its customers as it relates to their unique circumstances. Prior to joining TriCore, as the Vice President of Solution Architects at NaviSite, Gina managed a global team responsible for providing technical sales engineering solutions to ensure enterprise customers obtain the highest quality of complex and supportable solutions, on time and within budget. Gina also held management positions in information technology, business management systems, technical training, and operations with Surebridge, TVGuide and Lightbridge. She holds a Bachelor of Art in Communication from Stonehill College.

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Leverage Your Partnerships to Enhance Your Service Offerings

Strong partnerships and alliances with leading technology companies that are recognized as leaders in their respective fields can help you expand your business and meet the needs of your customers. These relationships are mutually beneficial – your partners want you to be successful so that you will sell more of their product and you want to leverage their expertise, market presence and account base.

Here are the benefits derived from strong relationships.

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